The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures’ goals and

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures’ goals and

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cheap Canada Goose Knowledge of a foreign language deepens understanding of one’s own culture and language and contributes toward a greater appreciation of other cultures.The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures’ goals and objectives for our students are:Development of professional and marketable mastery of communicative skills in one or more foreign languages other than English;Appropriation of linguistic skills, transferable selectively to a wide range of practical options, including but not limited to mass media, higher education, travel/leisure enterprises, the performing arts, teaching, diplomacy, law enforcement, military intelligence, the space program, business/marketing, international banking, politics, the Peace Corps, etc.;Acquisition of knowledge and sensitivity about one or more literary and cultural heritages/traditions other than those of English speaking countries;Internalization of the principle of diversity as one of the cornerstones of personal, national, and international relationships, and promotion of its inherent values in the world at large;Achievement of canada goose black friday a high degree of information literacy by accessing national and international sources, and judicious evaluation of the same for form, value, and content.The department’s Multimedia Language Learning Center allows faculty and students to use technology to further the acquisition of world languages and cultural awareness. The applications of this technology enhance the department’s capability to fulfill its mission in teaching and learning.Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Russian are offered through the intermediate level depending on student demand. California State University International canada goose outlet in canada Program opportunties pertaining to languages taught in the department canada goose Read Full Article outlet website legit are in Canada (Quebec), Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. cheap Canada Goose

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