And she saying this up front because guys pull that shit

And she saying this up front because guys pull that shit

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One the right, the other the left. The two of them met in a shoe store and discovered they both had the same size feet. So every year they would meet up at the same shoe store and buy a single pair of shoes for the both of them.. Lol, your comment shows how far gone it is. R/politics is SUPPOSED to be a sub for both sides of the political spectrum. You shouldn be banned for posting right wing stuff there.

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canada goose clearance We are breaking the trip up in to segments: Ella from Nuwara Eliya, NE to Kandy, and then Kandy to Colombo. Seeing cities along the way and making the rides shorter. Sounds like the CMB to Ella stretch is getting pretty crowded these days.. Jesus christ, just try imagining for a second how dangerous this shit is for women. She saying she wants you to be prepared for her to say no to you if she doesn want to fuck you after getting to know you. And she saying this up front because guys pull that shit regardless of their “X/10 score” all the fucking time.. canada goose clearance

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