“He is a proper Manc,” Solskjaer said of Rashford

“He is a proper Manc,” Solskjaer said of Rashford

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Canada Goose Outlet Rashford recklessly conceded a 93rd minute free kick midway inside United’s half with a late tackle on Mart Montoya that gave Brighton canada goose uk customer service an opportunity to apply more pressure. Solskjaer substituted Rashford a minute later and sent on defender Matteo Darmian in an effort to combat Brighton’s set piece threat as they attempted to salvage a point.Solskjaer allayed concerns Rashford was injured but revealed he gave the 21 year old a pep talk even though Rashford was United’s matchwinner for the second week running.”He is a proper Manc,” Solskjaer said of Rashford. “You can’t kick him and keep him down, he will stand up for a fight and stand up for himself and a teammate.”But he knows, and we spoke about it: Don’t give stupid fouls away against canada goose outlet london Brighton because they are going to get you in trouble canada goose black friday canada because they have quality delivery and physical attributes in the box. Canada Goose Outlet

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