This is the first time since Little Big Horn in 1876 that

This is the first time since Little Big Horn in 1876 that

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Canada Goose online Personally, if they resign Kyrie AND get assurances from AD he would resign, I would probably still do it. Star players matter a lot, the Celtics would reduce the mouths they have to feed on offense, would keep Smart to play the 2, and hopefully allow Hayward to be canada goose outlet toronto factory a third option(if he rebounds from this injury, he just looked really passive but iirc it took PG 2 years to get back to form). It would be a gamble, especially if Hayward is bad going forward, but I think Kyrie, Smart, Hayward, Horford(unless he’s filler), AD would easily be the best 5 in the east barring Ben Simmons getting a jumper, and if Hayward rounds into form a bit you’d be title contenders Canada Goose online.