Though geared for anarchists

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Though geared for anarchists

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As far as the butter thing, it was always common growing up to mash up the roasted potatoes, add some butter to them, then pour the gravy over top. It just a Midwestern American thing I guess. The gravy was so hot and the butter still so cold that the gravy slid off the butter and made it look like it on top.

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Worked a grocery store at nights and was one of the fastest stockers in the entire company. It was the night before Christmas Eve and we got a huge truck in. Big enough that we would have reasonably needed 5 or 6 people to throw it all in 8 hours but there were 3 of us.

uk canada goose As someone who is religious, this while being true doesn take away from the constant bombardment of science and rationality upon people on a daily basis. Even as someone who chooses to believe in God, there always the underlying truth that most people would look at me as being “stupid” or “pathetic” for believing as I do (even if they wouldn be so rude as to say it directly to me). Even while people cling to their beliefs, I think deep down in all of them there is a fear of being wrong uk canada goose.