Once every 50 or so matches Lion will glitch out and deal

Once every 50 or so matches Lion will glitch out and deal

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fake hermes belt vs real I do not use any other weapon in that slot, and I use Lion probably 95%+ of the time (barely ever swap). Once every 50 or so matches Lion will glitch out and deal close to 263 dmg. How? I do not know. The Demon’s suspension is specifically tuned for the weight transfer characteristics of drag racing, and can lift its front wheels off the ground if you nail the launch with the narrow tires on it. Also, while the Redeye does have line lock to let the rear wheels spin while braking the front calipers, it doesn’t get the Demon’s transbrake to keep the car locked into position as throttle is applied for launch. The good news for those who want to own a demonic Challenger is that the Hellcat Redeye is also more attainable than its elusive big brother fake hermes belt vs real.